Geo-information during Startup Weekend


As sponsor of the Startup Weekend in Groningen, Esri now puts their first steps into the world of startups. For the first time, real geo-information is part of Startup Weekend Groningen and we are looking forward to it!

Free available geo-components
For years, Esri has been in contact with developers. This has led to the development of ArcGIS for Developers. During the weekend the young startups get the opportunity to get to know the power of geo-information and the assistance while working with geo-components.

APIs and SDKs
The whole weekend Esri is present to assist in the use of geo-information. The different API’s and SDK’s are widely applicable for developers. The geo-components are possible to use in very simple maps, but the real power of the API’s and SDK’s lies with geo-triggering, routing, demographic and contextual data, fencing and more. Learn more and work with the API’s and SDK’s…

International personal network
After the weekend Esri remains active in the world of startups. The special startup program gives the possibility to get assistance from a broad, international network.

What can you do with it?
What are the possibilities of geo-information and specifically ArcGIS. Here are some things you can do:

  • Combine layers of data from various sources to make live, interactive maps you can share with anyone on any device.
  • Start from a variety of basemaps – including topographic, satellite imagery, OpenStreetMap, and even the ocean floor.
  • Plot addresses on your map (convert locations to addresses, too).
  • Find the optimal path through multiple stops. It’s more than point A to point B.
  • Build compelling story maps – check them out.
  • Upload and store your data in the cloud – Your data is your data. What you do in the cloud stays in the cloud.
  • So, if you’re are curious come and meet Xen Buijs from Esri during the event!

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