Why we’ve changed our ticket names…


At most Startup Weekend events you will find three ticket types: Developer, Designer and Non-Technical.

Here at Startup Weekend Groningen, we don’t believe those terms accurately reflect the type of people that should attend Startup Weekend. This is mostly due to the fact that these terms reflect the things necessary to build a software product. However, Startup Weekend is not a hackathon.

Startup Weekend is an event for all types of people who want to start all types of things.
Want to start a service company? Great.
Want to start a retail company? Great.
Want start a handmade furniture company? Great.
Want to start an app company? Great.
Want to start, well, anything…. great!

And so, the new ticket types and examples of who might purchase them are:

This is the ticket for people who make things real.
Examples include: Software developers, Engineers, Product makers, Hackers, Makers.

This ticket is for people who people who design things.
Examples include: Product designers, Visual designers, Graphic designers, User Interface/Experience designers, Usability designers.

This ticket is for people that make businesses work.
Examples include: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Strategy, Concepts, Projects, Management, HR.

If you don’t fit in the creator or designer ticket, the Business ticket is for you.

Q: Why do we have ticket types at all?
A: Because if we don’t have a reasonable balance of skills, the event will suck.

Q: Okay, so why only three types?
A: Because adding more creates more complexity than the value it really delivers.

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