Startup Weekend Meetups


We’ve had a few attendees ask where they can meet other attendees, so instead of creating yet another Groningen meetup event, we’ve partnered up with the lovely people at Open Vuur.

Open Vuur meets every other Friday at Cafe Marleen in the centre of Groningen. It’s a mixed bunch of people – some faces you will see regularly, others infrequently, which means that you’re always going to find yourself part of an interesting conversation.

Two things to note:

1) Open Vuur is not a tech meetup. You will probably find some developers in attendance, but also business folks, creatives, artistis, musicians, you name it – all with an open mind are welcome.

2) Open Vuur is not going to turn into a Startup Weekend only event. Startup Weekenders are welcome, and free to talk about Startup Weekend and related conversation but are requested to remember that they are guests of Open Vuur, and to play nicely.

So, with that said, check out the Open Vuur website for the next event date. We look forward to seeing you there!

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